THANK YOU AND THANK YOU Washington Whiskey

FIRST: Allow me to extend my gracious gratitude for the numerous favorable comments about the BBBB blog. You are very encouraging and kind to take the time to jot a post. To answer a couple of questions,  yes, I originated the blog and design.  I am a complete neophyte concerning techy stuff so I bounce around until something works. OK my techy son, Rowdy, helped me, via phone calls and emails, get started.  Why waste time being smart if your kids are smart!  If your kids don’t drink bourbon it can still be a family affair. (Family home evening with bourbon, no, ok not all my ideas are good ideas) Anyway, thank you and keep them coming. I always enjoy the comments and your ideas.  Need to send a personal note [email protected] So much for the gushy stuff.

Now Bourbon Business. Thankfully Washington DC restaurants and bars recognize the desperate need for a plentiful supply of whiskey to get us through what is going on or not going on in the White House and Congress.  (As mentioned in a previous post, we can not endure a tariff on whiskey and a war with Canada at the same time)

Speaking of a family affair,  during my recent trip to DC, my daughter, Nichole, son-in-law Donald and grandchildren took me to a wonderful establishment in the Adams/Morgan District (NWDC)  simplify referred to as “Bourbon.” The food is casual and very good. The Knowles family joined with their children and everyone had a great time. Now, the Saturday night highlight was an excellent list of Half Priced Reserve Whiskey. The regular list of Bourbon/Whiskeys included a selection of a million bourbons and whiskeys from throughout the Nation of tasting. OK maybe not a million but close to it, I lost count on the second taste.   Oh, how political, we even tasted a shot of Rodham.  Yes, that is the name and the bottle defines a tribute to women and equality and political fortitude..  I will post a picture when I figure it out.   Drop in , to relieve DC frustration or just to witness the impressive whiskey list.

FARMERS AND DISTILLERS ON MASS AVE. IN DC deserves another comment or two. As a family,  we made a reservation for dinner and well, of course, a taste. Kevin Connelly commands a highly efficient and delightful bar.  He will serve your guests a gourmet selection of cocktails but for us Whiskey Enthusiasts, start with a shot of their home distilled FOUNDING SPIRITS WHISKEY. Smooth oak and well worth the taste free of any additions, with the exceptions of their famous giant ice cube. Kevin will cut you in on upcoming distillery tours and that allows time to move to a taste of the homegrown Rye.  Actually, I am enjoying a couple of tastes of Founding Spirit and I have a whole new appreciation for the Bill of Rights.  Melissa, a high-level manager,  will advise you on the specials and help with reservations. [email protected] for big party reservations. The fried chicken will give you the feeling you are in a scene of “Gone With the Wind”.  A good scene. At least there is Farmers and Distillers after a frustrating day in DC.  Thanks  for the Grandpa welcome.

More to follow, this is blending into tasting time.   Photos,  to follow.