What is happening, whiskey is spreading all over Utah like it was a Brigham Young revolution! OK as we all understand, this whiskey is mainly a medical resource for all types of healing.  Jane Perkins and her husband rekindled the revolution with High West Distillery, which in 2008 became the first legal distillery since Brigham Young’s brew in 1870. Bless you.   More on the role of whiskey in Utah’s early settlement from Jane’and Shery Monahan’s delightful book “The Golden Elixir of the West”.   

Buckaroo Bob & the gang at Dented Brick

Speaking of history, Consultants Lenorad Hawes and Buckaroo Bob were informed, by astute Advisor Anne Oswald, of a new distillery in South Salt Lake rich in Utah history. DENTED BRICK DISTILLERYFounder Marc Christensen and COO Steve Stanko provided us a private tour of the historic facility in South Salt Lake City Utah. The distillery is centered on an artisan stream on the grounds of previous distiller Hugh Moon from the 1800’s.  The original house was riddled with bullet holes and marks from the old days. (Ask Marc for the complete details, since the Consultants started drinking and the facts got hazy or as they say trumpish, sorry, Marc has the complete details when you take a tour no fake news will be printed]   Dented Brick is distilling Rum and Vodka while they are aging the whiskey. Check out a bottle of Antelope Island  Rum. If the whiskey is as delightful as the Rum and Vodka we are in for a treat that will rival the Snelgroves Ice Cream. (Ask a local to explain, Snelgrove was also considered foreplay) And speaking of delightful, Jan Stephenson the beautiful professional golfer and model is tieing in with Dented Brick to bottle incredibly delightful fruit enriched after dinner or after golf signature cordials.

Now the Whiskey report.  The barley,  rye and red winter wheat are mainly from Utah and Idaho and aged in the traditional oak barrels. This is well worth a return trip.

By the way, Utah is rich is Whiskey history which will follow shortly, but I am off to Washington DC for what I understand will include a little bourbon tasting.