What is an OPELIKA

What is an OPELIKA

What’s an Opelika?  And do I need one?

Your life is hectic so don’t bother trying to find Opelika Alabama – wait – unless you are all about FUN WITH FABULOUSLY FRIENDLY FOLKS AND WONDERFUL WHISKEY IN A TREMENDOUS TOWN. 

Allow me to explain. I discovered Opelika AL/ with Consultant Ron, researching the whiskey distilled at John Emerald Distillery on Railroad Ave. My recent trip turned a boring road trip into a delightful experience. By the way, just down the road from the University of Auburn, the town of Opelika is referred to as the classy area of Auburn. (See the previous post about John Emerald making history in Alabama while distilling some extraordinary whiskey) I was greeted by David behind the bar and immediately convinced that I need to taste their recently released Beer Back Single Malt. The champions of Alabama whiskey are driving over to Fair hope for some beer barrels then aging the single malt for 15 months in the beer barrels. Great smokey flavor. (I am pretty sure this is  correct, remember I was caught in the ambiance of the bar and tasting sufficiently for a proper review)                  

Since I have a bit of a love affair with the John Emerald Single Malt that required my first taste testing. (Morgan and Pierre were already at the bar so I asked to join me for a taste of the single malt.  Not only friendly and fun verst smart.  I convinced them, if a marriage proposal is in the near future, JE single malt should be included, it is that smooth) 

Now the Beer Back Single Malt received rave reviews with a bit of licorice and smokey flavor.

        Take a moment to talk with the charming manager, mixologist, event planner and purveyor of fun  Jill Sanderson.  Jill can provide an update on new releases and even sale you a bottle. Or send Jill an email if you want to arrange an event or wedding reception [email protected].  By the way, Buckaroobob is a Universal Life Church Pastor (Friar) if your tasting leads to a marriage proposal.  Really. I can recommend the appropriate bourbon for the reception. [email protected]. 

Just to keep the fun rolling, I was coaxed by the music to drop in next door to Red Dirt Brewing Company. Ryan Schmudlach, Brand Ambassador, continued the Opelika genuine friendliness by welcoming me to try their whiskeyish barrel age microbrewed craft beer. The Scottish beer was worth the trip. Just stop stroll Railroad for some tasting grab a bite to eat while meeting friendly folks and ask

about upcoming concerts and events. —- well that is unless you would rather be bored around stuffy people.  An Opelika is a cure.