When bourbon blasts into the news, we are here to provide timely (or as quickly as I can get around to it) updates. The “News Snoopy” Consultants are constantly on the lookout for bourbon scoops.   Here are a couple of reports requiring our attention:

TARIFFS ARE TERRIBLE,      The Lexington Herald-Leader (thanks to Consultant Schweri) reports that the Trump Tariffs will flatten profitable production of better bourbons. (Evidently, Trump feels he did  not get in enough time being a bully in the playground as a child).  The Leader reports:

“While we share a common goal of pursuing a pro-growth, pro-America agenda, I have made no secret my concerns with the administration’s use of 232 tariffs,” Hatch said. He charged that American consumers will pick up the tab for the tariffs, which he said will hurt manufacturers and could undermine the GOP tax cuts.  The Whiskey Advocate tells us” 70% of all whiskey produced in the U.S. is consumed in the U.S. Side note Kentucky is the #1 Consumer and handle the cold weather New Hampshire is #2.and truth to be told Montana drinks the most Japanese whiskey with North Dakota right behind.  Every ste in the Union has at least one distillery.  Just last night I enjoyed a shot of Whistle Pig from  Vermont and right now a Barrel Select Jack Daniels from, of course, Tennessee.  More to follow on all the States but we must focus.

In Versailles, Brown-Forman is in the midst of a huge building boom for its premium bourbon, Woodford Reserve. The company, based in Louisville, has bigger brands (its Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is the best-selling American whiskey in the world) but Woodford Reserve is the one they chose to give the marquee sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby this year.

Woodford Reserve’s 2018 $1,000 Mint Julep – and the even rarer $2,500 gold version – were served at the Kentucky Derby. The cup comes with a julep made by master distiller Chris Morris.

Bourbon is an all-American heritage and the finer distillers rely on exports to maintain a profit while distilling a  quality profit.

In a collective strategic political punch, China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union have all slapped tariffs on America’s booming bourbon industry. The duties came in reaction to the Trump administration’s move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum.

“When they targeted this particular category of spirits, it’s clear that it was done with the intention of hitting at the heart of what is so clearly important to the American economy,” explained Margie Lehrman, executive director of the American Craft Spirits Association.

“You can’t get any closer to home than something that is grown by an American farmer,” Lehrman told CNBC, adding the tariffs pose significant threats to the U.S. grain industry as well as distillers.

THE BIGGER DILEMMA IS – Trump has to choose, we can not have wars with all our former allies and a shortage of bourbon. Try to imagine a time of war and a shortage of bourbon. No, don’t try to imagine. it will hurt. Keep a close watch on the tariff issue, there are some things we can withstand a shortage but quality bourbon NO don’t touch. North Korea does not distill even bad bourbon.

By the way, do not worry about a war with Canada. Canadians enjoy a good time. Canada will agree to three day Rugby Tournament which is almost like war with no guns. Trump’s Cabinet will agree since they have no idea what Rugby is and they seem to move on ignorance. Wait, stop me before I get political.  Maybe it is whiskey talking.  Moving on


I was reminded that last Thursday was National Bourbon Day. (Thanks Consultant Lambert) This is great but recognition cannot be limited to one day a year. Think about it: Today is Father’s Day and this should also be bourbon day. Raising kids takes an occasional taste of “High West Bourne or Gentleman Jack Daniels” and we need to celebrate being a Father, Grand Father, Foster Father, God Father or maybe even a Sugar Daddy.  And Christmas needs to be Bourbon Day in order to deal with in-laws and more underwear for gifts. OK pick five days a year to designate as not – bourbon day in order to appreciate the other holidays because bourbon days are holidays.  AND, DAD’S DAY, MY LOVELY DAUGHTER, SON- IN -LAW and GRANDKIDS GAVE ME BEAUTIFUL BOURBON GLASS WITH THE INSCRIPTION::::::I DRINK AND I KNOW THINGS, THAT’S WHAT I DO………So it is official

We need your opinions, updates on whiskey wanderings and bourbon discoveries. OK and your political news updates. I can’t do it all, go to the bottom of the page and post. No editing required.  And don’t worry about offending me it has been done before and the BBBB Consultants includes a Lawyer and a Psychiatrist so I am covered.

More news to follow

Watch for a full report on Whiskey in Nashville