First, when sharing with a friend (only true friends share in the pleasure of tasting bourbon) it is not about grabbing a bottle on your way home from work.   The true gift of bourbon is when a friend makes the whiskey pursuit a thought provoking adventure. Again, allow me to explain: You are on a trip, doesn’t matter pleasure or business or  just running away, you take the time to seek out a new distillery and take a chance on their proud product.  A true friend will immediately recognize that you took the time as an intrepid explorer and put some thought into the gift. As opposed to “oh a six pack beer on sale how thoughtful” 

OR two, take the time to seek a bourbon that serves as a symbol for the event you are offering for gift. For instance, if you are going to an upcoming Kentucky derby party – Woodford Reserve is the official bourbon of the Derby, or your pal retired from a career on the Railroad so you pick up a bottle of “Cinder Dick” ( term for a railroad cop) from Colorado  and one more or you are visiting a friend with a broken leg so a bottle of “Breckenridge” will be fun.

 Now let me offer a classic example.  Joe Sullivan, a true friend from Point Clear AL. was traveling through Georgia when he noticed a sign advertising R. M. Rose Distillery in Dillard, Georgia. Joe made a sudden  detour from their established route to research a possible hidden treasure. Margaret, his adorable wife, exclaimed,

“This isn’t the way and we are short on time” (Margaret always maintains a hectic schedule and a smile) Joe calmly announced, “You are a gracious, generous, Stanford educated lady but some things you just don’t understand” He explained the detour is all about the precious gift of a unique bourbon. Joe took the time to  stop at the R.M. Rose Distillery, just to pick up a bottle of their whiskey for me to taste.  I must admit this copper aged incredibly smooth bourbon was a delight. And being my virgin taste of Georgia whiskey, a thrill and educational. The gift continues since R.M. Rose was a doctor in the 1800s , Joe he was also concerned about my health.  Now, I was so impressed, I wanted to continue the gift giving so I took the unopened bottle to a small dinner party to celebrate a taste among new friends. Well, I opened and announced the contents was from Georgia, with a history of perfected distilling in copper pots (more on the history later) Just to check,  I privately poured a healthy taste and experienced an entertaining pleasure and smooth hint of honey mouth pleasing taste. Truth to be told, maybe it was the Georgia roots but I think I tasted a bit of peach nectar. 

  One guest asked about not a taste, mind you, but a glass accompanied with coke.  Well, one – this bourbon is too good for other than true friends and 

2. With coke? Well you know how I feel about insulting fine bourbon. 

So, I quickly advised, it was not what I expected, so you try another bottle from my collection or how about that bottle of wine that is already open.  Thank you for recognizing the importance of true bourbon gifting. 

BBBB is producing a list of Bourbon Ambassadors, along with the Consultants.  Joe Sullivan and Mathew McConaughey will be the first two Candidates for Ambassadorship. 

Watch for an upcoming post on BBBB Ambassador qualifications and selection.