Venturing out to taste all that whiskey that the world has to offer is a daunting and expensive task.  So we need to come up with creative resources  to secure the whiskey,  and no I am not referring to stealing in anyway.  Here are two brief stories of procuring some incredible whiskey.  (Plus the whiskey tasted will be reported in Bourbon Buzz)

  1. A week ago I was traveling to Washington DC to visit family in Chevy Chase MD. On the United flight from Houston to DCA I secured an aisle seat, in the back of the plane. I was a little dismayed when I noticed the flight attendant’s luggage was directly above me.  Well the flight attendant was reaching for something prior to take off and suddenly a small bag fell out of the overhead landing on my arm. He apologized and went about preparing for take off. Being a shrewd a negotiator, I started calculating.. should this be worth some airline points or even money??? So I started to whimper a little, it didn’t hurt, so a little theatrics were necessary. When Charles, the flight attendant, returned, I was steadfast in my plan and appeared to be  holding back the pain. Charles was very courteous, a seasoned flight attendant with a friendly smile.   He offered, “I am very sorry, can I make it up with a cocktail?” I blurted back “SURE what do have in bourbon/whiskey?”  Well, I mentioned my blog and we agreed I would rate the whiskeys he had on the cart.  My initial complimentary  tasting  was  a first time bourbon, for me, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut.  Very good for flying. More rating to follow.
  2. Now I am safely at my daughter and son-in-law’s in MD. The parents had separate business trips so I was joyfully the nanny for two wonderful grandchildren for a couple of days.  When asked what I could do during the day when the grandkids were in school, again I brought up my courageous attempt to launch a blog and that will consume my day.  Oh yea, a blog on Bourbon/Whiskey, I reminded him. Well, since my son-in -law, Donald,  is respectful of my grandpa skills and thoughtful, upon return he presented me with a gorgeous bottle of Sagamore  Spirit Rye limited, edition and it was signed.  See, the whiskey just keeps coming. A delightful review on Sagamore Rye in the Bourbon Buzz section.