All About Bourbon/Whiskey by Buckaroo Bob

All About Bourbon/Whiskey by Buckaroo Bob

As a seasoned enthusiast, Bourbon/Whiskey has become an adventure. The Consultants, Advisors and I  are excited to share the array of bourbon/whiskey treasures  distilled around the country as well as delightful bars/grills/restaurants  in the section “Whiskey Wanderings”  (highlighting  traversing and tasting at the distilleries around the country including the Bourbon Trail) and historical fun facts (no fake facts) about  bourbon/whiskey in Bourbon Background —- the Kentucky Bourbon vs. Whiskey clarification will be respectfully handled first thing and  finally  Who’s Who in Whiskey featuring notables in the world of whiskey, oh and wait, What About Bob a little background on the blogger.

Bourbon is all about sharing, so is sharing on this blog with your comments from group gatherings to taste whiskey, new locations for sipping and dining, bourbon discoveries and  short stories on the joy of whiskey.  Matter of fact you will be invited to upcoming tasting if you are in the area.  Really!

BOURBONISH BEAR IN MIND: This blog is not for the swigger, snooty or serious.  Thankfully we have grown past the guzzling stage of life and enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the aged qualities of various bourbons/whiskeys. (Whiskey should not be abused  but I must admit I still remember a few younger days when whiskey abused me).  If you are still mixing whiskey with soda, well, please enjoy but allow us to offer a little tutoring. Oh when you get the urge to chug a shot, a very brief section on tequila will be available.   By snooty, we mean the boorish who do not venture out to try other bourbons.  Now we all have friends who are serious scotch sippers and that is fine as long as they do not bring the snooty scotch attitude to our gatherings and blog. And yes, we will have various sections on scotch, so we can carry on a brief conversation. Seriously, bourbon is all about a sense of humor and  merriment and so is this blog. Lighten up and enjoy.   AND I will not attempt to advise, allow or admit that ___________ is the  best Bourbon on the planet.  As we will share, you may have a favorite, your tasting team may agree on a favorite,  I may have a current favorite and most importantly the best bourbon may depend on the event or time of day. (Bourbon is not just for breakfast.)

Finally, life is short and there is little time to review the distilleries, check out new bourbons, travel to the best bourbon bars and then sit still to write, so the blog will be free of serious editing, so deal with it. Plus, I will just be writing accompanied with a whiskey on the rocks as inspiration so fill in any missing or inappropriate words,  thanks in advance.

NOTE. I know you are going to ask so tomorrow the distinction between bourbon and whiskey will be clarified.