Many have asked about the perfect taste of bourbon to accompany the delivery of a baby. Since this is serious stuff: first I did some extensive research and two, this is a special occasion so high quality bourbon is essential.  Now, I visited the University of South Alabama School of Nursing  in Mobile. (They have a simulator of a Mom about to deliver, very authentic) Since the hospital wanted me to take about 10 years of classes and buy a white coat, I thought it best to just go with the simulator. Oh, we must remember, there are two opportunities for enjoying a taste of bourbon along with the delivery. One: if you are doctor or designated deliverer, I recommend a taste or two of Blanton’s Rare Bourbon with the race horse on the top. Blanton’s is the original single barrel bourbon from Frankfurt, Kentucky. The taste is as silky as the jockey’s jersey. This is a special occasion so a single barrel smooth taste is critical.. Now if you are the Father or possibly the Father you are going to need a bold pop in your mouth bourbon taste. I recommend High West Yippee-Ki-Yay blend of straight whiskies. If this is your baby, you have either some explaining to do or need to enjoy because you will be converting to cheap vodka. Either way  Congratulations on the new arrival and NO, contrary to comments from from my colleagues at the Nursing school the baby does NOT look like me. And, since the consultants are always available to help if you find you are both the Dad and Deliverer, call us Dr. Ron will walk you through after I walk you through the best bourbon in an emergency situation.